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For Parents and Carers

Our core Christian values: Wisdom, Service and Hope, define us, strengthen our relationships, and provide guiding principles that enable us to live out our vision that ‘…with God, all things are possible’.

Should a child be finding it difficult to cope, encouraging them to understand and be open about their feelings can give them the skills to navigate the ‘ups and downs’ of life. Having conversations with them about emotional wellbeing and mental health can encourage them to ask for help if they are struggling.

Below are some videos and podcasts that parents and carers may find useful.

Anxiety and Parenting Workshop

BICS (Barnet Integrated Clinical Services) have created a series of podcasts to support families with their wellbeing.  The themes include: caring for yourselves and your families whilst living in and transitioning our of lockdown, healthy relationships and managing anxious thoughts:

BICS Wellbeing - It's good for your Mental Health

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Mental Health Foundation

YoungMinds - children and young people's mental health charity

Sometimes it is useful to have further information and sources of support for common mental health issues; below are some summaries and links for specific mental health difficulties.

Anxiety, panic attacks and phobias

Anxiety can take many forms in children and young people, and it is something that each of us experiences at low levels as part of normal life. When thoughts of anxiety, fear or panic are repeatedly present over several weeks or months and/or are beginning to impact on a young person’s ability to access or enjoy day-to-day life, intervention is needed.

Online support

Anxiety UK

Low mood and Depression

Ups and downs are a normal part of life for all of us, but for someone who is suffering from depression, these ups and downs may be more extreme. Feelings of failure, hopelessness, numbness or sadness may invade their day-to-day life over an extended period of weeks or months, and have a significant impact on their behaviour, and their ability and motivation to engage in day-to-day activities.

Useful leaflets and resources

Tips for Families

Building Resilience and Emotional Health in childrenSelf Care Kit

How to manage and reduce stress

How to look after your mental health using mindfulness

How to look after your mental health using exercise

How to overcome fear and anxiety

How to sleep better

Helping children and young people to manage anxiety

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