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Pupil Premium

At St Mary’s and St John’s CE School, we are ambitious for every student and are committed to our Christian vision, ‘...with God, all things are possible.’ (Matthew 19:26). Our vision underpins our strategy: we believe equitable outcomes are possible for all students. 

The Pupil Premium is funding provided to schools which is additional to main school funding.  It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility.

SMSJ Pupil Premium Strategy Statement

Quality first teaching is integral to our approach through: 

  • A curriculum that is ambitious and purposefully sequenced to provide access to powerful knowledge to all, from EYFS to KS5 

  • Access to high quality enrichment opportunities for all students 

  • Skilful use of formative assessment to address gaps in progress 

  • A focus on Oracy and Articulacy which allow for precise expression, discussion, debate and synthesis of knowledge. 

  • Access to high quality learning materials including challenging academic texts 

  • High quality regular feedback which allows students to make progress 

  • Instructional coaching which enables teachers to hone their practice and continually improve the quality of provision offered 

  • Learning Disciplines which promote explicit instruction and encourage students to plan, monitor and evaluate their learning. 

  • The ‘graduated approach’ to SEND where adaptations for individuals are highly impactful 

Hendon Collaboration Fund (Secondary Phase) 

The Hendon Collaboration Project aims to reduce the impact of disadvantage and improve the wellbeing of Year 8 and 9 students and their families, as well as create wider community safety and equity. 

Hendon Collaboration Fund Project is a collaboration between three main partners - SMSJ (school), Art Against Knives (community) and Terapia (home). Thirty Year 8 and 9 Pupil Premium students and their caregivers will be the focus of a coproduced project that aims to bring people together, provide extra support and build trusted relationships within the home, school and community 

The project’s aims are: 

-Provide access to enrichment activities such as creative and sports. 
-Improve the wellbeing of students experiencing disadvantage. 
-0% of selected cohort will be persistently absent by the end of Year 2. 
-Decrease number of student suspensions. 
-Prevent, as far as possible, any permanent exclusions from school for this cohort, across 3 years. 
-Ensure all students involved have taken their GCSEs by the conclusion of the project. 
-All students will be engaged in education, employment or training by the end of third year. 

As part of the project: 

  • SMSJ provides before and after school study spaces staffed by LSAs 

  • Additional Mental health support for both staff and students through Terapia 

  • Drop-in Mental Health support of both staff and students 

  • Saracens Sports Foundation will deliver Cheerleading on a Monday 

  • Saracens Sports Foundation will deliver Tag Rugby from January 2024 on Monday’s 

  • Art Against Knives deliver Period 7 Enrichment to the cohort on Tuesdays 

  • Ball-Out Basketball deliver basketball on Wednesdays 

  • Youth Action Boxing on a Thursday 

  • Kevin Randall Football Academy on a Friday 

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