Our School Team - St Mary's and St John's CE School

Our School Team


Mr M Serrão Principal principal@smsj.london

Core Leadership Team

Mrs K Livingston Deputy Head of Primary Inclusion/SENDCo k.livingston@smsj.london
Mr L Patterson Deputy Head of Primary Teaching & Learning l.patterson@smsj.london
Mr I Dalziel Deputy Head of Primary KS2 i.dalziel@smsj.london
Ms E Butterworth Deputy Head of Secondary Inclusion e.butterworth@smsj.london
Ms A Thomas Deputy Head of Secondary Student Progress  a.thomas@smsj.london
Mrs H Mason Deputy Head Teaching & Learning, Community & SIAMS h.mason@smsj.london
Ms L Corkill Assistant Head of Primary EYFS, RS & Community l.corkill@smsj.london
Ms S Gauci Assistant Head of Primary KS1 & Computing s.gauci@smsj.london
Mr J Sonenfeld Associate Assistant Head of Primary LKS2 & Maths j.sonenfeld@smsj.london
Ms E Gershon Assistant Head of Secondary, Head of Sixth Form e.gershon@smsj.london
Ms M Pavlides Assistant Head of Professional Development m.pavlides@smsj.london
Mr S Payne Assistant Head of Standards s.payne@smsj.london

Heads of Year

Ms. F McGinnis Head of Year 7 f.mcginnis@smsj.london
Mr. J James Assistant Head of Year 7 j.james@smsj.london
Miss. B Savaria Head of Year 8 b.savaria@smsj.london
Mr. P Stiff Assistant Head of Year 8 p.stiff@smsj.london
Miss. A Laber Head of Year 9 a.laber@smsj.london
Mr. S Mohamed Assistant Head of Year 9 s.mohamed@smsj.london
Mr. A Jarvest Head of Year 10 a.jarvest@smsj.london
Ms. S Whittaker Assistant Head of Year 10 s.whittaker@smsj.london
Mr. J Davite Head of Year 11 j.davite@smsj.london
Ms. R Ahenkan Head of Sixth Form r.ahenkan@smsj.london
Ms. Y Saad Deputy Head of Sixth Form y.saad@smsj.london

Primary PAMs (Pastoral Academic Mentor)

Miss. L Mullan Nursery l.mullan@smsj.london
Miss. L Corkill Reception Wisdom l.corkill@smsj.london
Miss. V Hennessy Reception Service v.hennessy@smsj.london
Mrs. I Toth Reception Hope i.toth@smsj.london
Mrs. A Baikie 1 Wisdom a.baikie@smsj.london
Miss. C Chappell 1 Service c.chappell@smsj.london
Ms. S Gauci 1 Hope s.gauci@smsj.london

Miss. R Smith

2 Wisdom


Miss. O Knapp 2 Service o.knapp@smsj.london
Ms. C Ciapryna 2 Hope ch.ciapryna@smsj.london
Ms. S Vekria 3 Wisdom s.vekria@smsj.london
Miss. K Hueging 3 Service k.hueging@smsj.london
Mr. S Forro 3 Hope s.forro@smsj.london
Mr. J Sonenfeld 4 Wisdom j.sonenfeld@smsj.london
Mr. J Parsons 4 Service j.parsons@smsj.london
Miss. J Gaskell 4 Hope j.gaskell@sms.london

Miss. L McCusker

5 Wisdom


Mr. G Yeorghaki 5 Service g.yeorghaki@smsj.london
Mr. H Shepherdson 5 Hope h.shepherdson@smsj.london
Miss. I Sheehan 6 Wisdom i.sheehan@smsj.london
Mrs. S Choudhury 6 Service s.choudhury@smsj.london
Mr. L Grossschaedl 6 Hope l.grossschaedl@smsj.london

Secondary PAMs (Pastoral Academic Mentor)

Mr. C Adamou 7 Anderson c.adamou@smsj.london
Mr. L Fox 7 Dickens l.fox@smsj.london
Mr. J De Sousa 7 Elgar j.desousa@smsj.london
Ms. J Stokingerova 7 Fonteyn j.Stokingerova@smsj.london
Ms. W Huang 7 Livingstone w.huang@smsj.london
Mr. E Prior 7 Nightingale e.prior@smsj.london
Ms. V Eddon 8 Anderson v.eddon@smsj.london
Mr. J James 8 Dickens j.james@smsj.london
Dr. C Ozer 8 Elgar c.ozer@smsj.london
Mr. T Passey 8 Fonteyn t.passey@smsj.london
Ms. O Doman 8 Livingstone o.doman@smsj.london

Ms. M Lawrence

Mr. P Stiff

8 Nightingale

8 Nightingale 



Mr. R Patel 9 Anderson r.patel@smsj.london

Ms. K Gkrozou

Mr. R Bradbury

9 Dickens

9 Dickens



Mr. A McHugh 9 Elgar a.mchugh@smsj.london
Mrs. M Dale 9 Fonteyn m.dale@smsj.london
Mrs. M Perez 9 Livingstone m.perezrey@smsj.london
Mr. A Giacopazzi 9 Nightingale a.giacopazzi@smsj.london
Mrs. O Owusu-Appiah 10 Anderson o.owusu-appiah@smsj.london

Ms. A Akinyemi

Ms. R Brown

10 Dickens

10 Dickens



Ms. L Gudgeon

Ms. Sedgewick-Naylor

10 Elgar

10 Elgar



Mr. G Corden 10 Fonteyn g.corden@smsj.london

Mr. E Fernandez

Ms. E Dalka

10 Livingstone

10 Livingstone



Mr. K Papasavva 10 Nightingale k.papasavva@smsj.london
Mr. P Thomas 11 Anderson p.thomas@smsj.london

Mr. K Bowers

Mr. R Cruise

11 Dickens

11 Dickens



Ms. M Gulderen

11 Elgar


Ms. E Mitsiogianni

Mr. H Malik

11 Fonteyn

11 Fonteyn



Mr. M Guri

Mr. R Cruise

11 Livingstone

11 Livingstone



Mr. J Martin

Ms. D Feddy

11 Nightingale

11 Nightingale



Ms. J Turner 12 Widsom j.turner@smsj.london
Mr. S Bond 12 Service s.bond@smsj.london
Ms. C Muller 12 Hope c.muller@smsj.london
Mr. J Price 13 Hope j.price@smsj.london
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