Our School Team - St Mary's and St John's CE School

Our School Team

Senior Leadership Team

21827742 Gavin Smith Executive Principal office@smsj.london
Louisa (003) Louisa Taylor Executive Primary Headteacher l.taylor@smsj.london
Aaron Aaron Doherty Head of Primary  a.doherty@smsj.london
21827766 Hannah Mason

Head of Secondary

21827772 Alice Thomas Head of Secondary a.thomas@smsj.london


Primary Leadership Team

Louisa (003) Ms Louisa Taylor Executive Primary Headteacher l.taylor@smsj.london
Aaron Mr Aaron Doherty Primary Head a.doherty@smsj.london
Luke Patterson Mr Luke Patterson Deputy Head of Primary - 
Kisshana Livingston Mrs Kisshana Livingston Deputy Head of Primary - Inclusion/SENDCo k.livingston@smsj.london
Iain Dalziel Mr Iain Dalziel Deputy Head of Primary - 
Sharon Gauci Ms Sharon Gauci Assistant Head of Primary -
Key Stage 1
& Science Lead
Louise Mullan Ms Louise Mullan Assistant Head of Primary -
Early Years
& Religious Studies Lead


Secondary Leadership Team

21827742 Mr Gavin Smith Executive Principal office@smsj.london
21827766 Mrs Hannah Mason

Head of Secondary

21827772 Ms Alice Thomas Head of Secondary a.thomas@smsj.london
Seb Giacone Mrs Sebastiana Giacone School Business Manager s.giacone@smsj.london
Laurence Fox Mr Laurence Fox Assistant Principal

Emma Gershon
Ms Emma Gershon Head of Sixth Form e.gershon@smsj.london
21826885 Ms Maria Pavlides Assistant Principal
Teaching & Learning
Simon Payne Mr Simon Payne Assistant Principal
Data, Assessment and Timetable
Sian Wright Miss Sian Wright Assistant Principal
Professional Development


Mr Matt Gorman Assistant Principal 
Student Progress


Secondary Pastoral Academic Mentors (PAMs)

Year 7 Anderson Ms S Adams s.adams@smsj.london
Year 7 Dickens Mr K Papasavva k.papasavva@smsj.london
Year 7 Elgar Ms S Nuh s.nuh@smsj.london
Year 7 Fonteyn Mr K Atik k.atik@smsj.london
Year 7 Livingstone Ms S Heath s.heath@smsj.london
Year 7 Nightingale Miss M Aydin m.aydin@smsj.london
Year 8 Anderson Mr C Adamou c.adamou@smsj.london
Year 8 Dickens Ms. O Doman o.doman@smsj.london
Year 8 Elgar Mr P Stiff p.stiff@smsj.london
Year 8 Fonteyn Ms L Gudgeon l.gudgeon@smsj.london
Year 8 Livingstone Ms M Gazzola m.gazzola@smsj.london
Year 8 Nightingale Ms B Dahdouh b.dahdouh@smsj.london
Year 9 Anderson Miss Z Al-Naseri z.al-naseri@smsj.london
Year 9 Dickens Ms D Feddy d.feddy@smsj.london
Year 9 Elgar Mr J De Sousa j.desousa@smsj.london
Year 9 Fonteyn Ms C Rigny c.rigny@smsj.london
Year 9 Livingstone Ms L Sedgewick-Naylor l.sedgewick-naylor@smsj.london
Year 9 Nightingale Ms P Deeley p.deeley@smsj.london
Year 10 Anderson Mrs C Scantlebury c.scantlebury@smsj.london
Year 10 Dickens Mr P Thomas p.thomas@smsj.london
Year 10 Elgar Ms R Brown r.brown@smsj.london
Year 10 Fonteyn Mr J Martin j.martin@smsj.london
Year 10 Livingstone Mr A Arnoldi a.arnoldi@smsj.london
Year 10 Nightingale Ms J Stokingerova j.stokingerova@smsj.london
Year 11 Anderson Mr R Patel r.patel@smsj.london
Year 11 Dickens Mr N Watson n.watson@smsj.london
Year 11 Elgar Mr A McHugh a.mchugh@smsj.london
Year 11 Fonteyn Ms Y Saad y.saad@smsj.london
Year 11 Livingstone Mrs E Perez m.perezrey@smsj.london
Year 11 Nightingale Ms M Kurd m.kurd@smsj.london
Year 12 Wisdom Mr P Adams p.adams@smsj.london
Year 12 Service Mrs Z McClellan z.mcclellan@smsj.london
Year 12 Hope Ms J Turner j.turner@smsj.london
Year 13 Wisdom Ms A Akinyemi a.akinyemi@smsj.london
Year 13 Service Mr L Dews e.dews@smsj.london
Year 13 Hope Mr J Price j.price@smsj.london

Secondary Heads of Year

Flavia McGinnis Head of Year 7 Ms Flavia McGinnis f.mcginnis@smsj.london
Sharmarke Mohamed Head of Year 8 Mr Sharmarke Mohamed s.mohamed@smsj.london
Michelle Dale Head of Year 9 Mrs Michelle Dale m.dale@smsj.london
Breanne Savaria Head of Year 10 Ms Breanne Savaria b.savaria@smsj.london
Alaroker Laber Head of Year 11 Ms Alaroker Laber a.laber@smsj.london

Secondary Heads of Department

Ms Maria Pavlides Head of English (Acting) m.pavlides@smsj.london
Mr Marjo Guri Director of Mathematics m.guri@smsj.london
Mr Peter Thomas Head of Mathematics p.thomas@smsj.london
Mr Josh Martin Head of Science j.martin@smsj.london
Mr Kyriacos Papasavva Head of Religious Studies k.papasavva@smsj.london
Ms Lucy Sedgewick-Naylor Head of History (Acting)
Head of PSHCEE
Mr Enrique Cabado Fernandez Head of Geography e.cabadofernandez@smsj.london
Ms Evelyn Perez Head of MFL m.perezrey@smsj.london
Ms Lindsey Artyukhova Head of Performing Arts and Dance l.artyukhova@smsj.london
Mr Anthony McHugh Head of PE a.mchugh@smsj.london
Mr Rakesh Patel Head of Design and Technology r.patel@smsj.london
Ms Philippa Deeley Head of Food and Nutrition p.deeley@smsj.london
Mr Martin Duffy Head of Computer Science (Acting) m.duffy@smsj.london
Ms Jasmine Turner Head of Business and Enterprise j.turner@smsj.london
Mr Phin Adams Head of Psychology 
Head of Social Science
Ms Adesola Akinyemi Head of Sociology a.akinyemi@smsj.london
Ms Margaret Phillips KS4 and KS5 Careers Advisor m.phillips@smsj.london

Sixth Form Leadership

Oliver Welsford

Acting Head of Sixth Form
(Maternity cover)
Mr Oliver Welsford o.welsford@smsj.london
Emma Gershon Head of Sixth Form Ms Emma Gershon e.gerson@smsj.london
21828249 Deputy Head of Sixth Form Ms Clare Muller c.muller@smsj.london


Primary Class Teachers

Nursery Ms F Mihalik f.mihalik@smsj.london
Reception Wisdom Ms L Mullan l.mullan@smsj.london
Reception Service Ms C Ciapryna ch.ciapryna@smsj.london
Reception Hope Ms L Holleran l.holleran@smsj.london
1 Wisdom Mrs R Looi r.looi@smsj.london
1 Service Miss C Chappell c.chappell@smsj.london
1 Hope Ms J Da Trindade Braganca j.datrindadebraganca@smsj.london
2 Wisdom Ms J Gaskell j.gaskell@smsj.london
2 Service Miss A Kelly a.kelly@smsj.london
2 Hope Mr G Yeorghaki g.yeorghaki@smsj.london
3 Wisdom Ms A Begum a.begum@smsj.london
3 Service Miss K Hueging k.hueging@smsj.london
3 Hope Mr S Trill s.trill@smsj.london
4 Wisdom Ms R Ahmadi r.ahmadi@smsj.london
4 Service Ms S Gauci s.gauci@smsj.london
4 Hope Ms S Vekria s.vekria@smsj.london
5 Wisdom Ms S Uddin s.uddin@smsj.london
5 Service Mr J Parsons j.parsons@smsj.london
5 Hope Ms I Sheehan i.sheehan@smsj.london
6 Wisdom Mr I Dalziel i.dalziel@smsj.london
6 Service Miss C Lee c.lee@smsj.london
6 Hope Ms A Kuan c.kuan@smsj.london


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