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Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts Specialism

At SMSJ, we are proud of our strong tradition in the Performing Arts. We know that a rich and diverse Arts programme helps students to develop empathy, self-confidence, expression and communication skills.

At KS3, all students have weekly timetabled lessons in Drama, Dance and Music, giving three opportunities per week for students to get out from behind desks and engage in academic activity in creative and practical ways.  They will learn to think creatively as well as developing analytical and evaluative skills which support their learning across the curriculum.

At KS4, our students can take up to two Performing Arts GCSE options should they choose, and we have thriving GCSE classes across all three disciplines. 

At KS5, all three disciplines will also be offered at A-level in September.

At SMSJ, we maximise creative opportunities further through an innovative approach to the curriculum, particularly in PSCHEE and Oracy, helping pupils explore personal, social, and emotional issues through the performing arts.

Pupils have plenty of opportunities to play a part in assemblies, performances, concerts and at open evenings.

Outside lessons, all students have opportunities to take part in our extensive and thriving extracurricular Performing Arts activities:

  • An annual whole-school production allows students to become involved as a performer, musician or even as part of the backstage crew.
  • Extracurricular bands and choirs enable students to develop their performance, confidence and teamwork skills.
  • The burgeoning school orchestra enables students to learn high quality ensemble skills as they play their instruments together.
  • Parents can opt to pay for instrumental and vocal peripatetic lessons on a variety of instruments.
  • Our thriving drama clubs allow pupils to develop their creative ideas and acting skills together in a fun environment.
  • Parents can opt to pay for peripatetic LAMDA lessons to develop their confidence and acting skills further.
  • Our Dance companies give students the opportunity to advance their choreography and performance skills in high quality ensembles.
  • Our links with external arts professionals will benefit our pupils in special workshops, events, performances and industry career talks.
  • Theatre and concert trips will be organised to enable pupils to experience a wide variety of plays, musicals and concerts.

Across the Performing Arts, we will be working in partnership with local theatre companies and professionals to inspire and to uphold the sense of professionalism required for success in the Performing Arts.

Performing Arts Scholarships

Year 6 students can apply to become a Performing Arts Scholar at SMSJ in one of the three disciplines: Music, Drama or Dance.  Find out more about our Scholarship Programme here.

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