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We will offer our students at Sixth Form a great experience and opportunities, however, in return there are responsibilities and expectations which we would like our students to meet.  We believe they contribute to making the Sixth Form and SMSJ a harmonious community. In addition these expectations will prepare our Sixth Formers for Higher Education or the world of work, and it encourages them to give something back to the community.

We expect our Sixth Formers to be role models for our younger students. We expect our Sixth Formers to be show respect, dignity and have a sense of responsibility. We also expect our Sixth Formers to be leaders.  In the Sixth Form Centre, as well as other study areas, we expect students to demonstrate good learning habits.  Our Sixth Formers will be working with young students, supporting them in their learning or develop their wider skills during enrichment activities. On such occasion they should encourage younger students to do their very best, and to set a positive example. 

Collective Worship

As a Church of England School our students are expected to engage daily with Collective Worship through our programme of Pause for Thought and community collective worship. This enables students to reflect and consider core theologically and philosophical themes as well as engaging with the spiritual, moral and philosophical dimensions of current affairs. Engagement with these resources gives them the chance to explore their own beliefs, values and spirituality.  Sixth Form students will be expected to lead on Pause for Thought as well as contribute in Collective Worship, where appropriate. 

Philosophy, Religion and Ethics

Students will take part in drop down days focused on topical issues in the field of philosophy, religion and ethics. These days involve a series of workshops, often incorporating visiting speakers. Topics covered include Religion and Politics in the Middle East, Business ethics and Matters of Life and Death.

Service to the School Community

Service is one of our school values and we expect all students to complete a minimum of two hours of service within the school or wider community per week. We believe these opportunities not only enrich the school community but offer invaluable experiences that enable our Sixth Formers to gain key skills that will prepare them for higher education and the world of work.

  • Opportunities available include:
  • Peer mentoring
  • GCSE Classroom learning assistant
  • Neale House reading helper
  • Bennett House reading helper
  • Library lead

For more information, please visit our Service to the Community Page

Organisation and Independent Learning

As part of the responsibility that comes with being a Sixth Former, it is important that students are able to organise themselves. While there will be a range of support put in place for A level students, Sixth form students have a greater responsibility to manage their own learning.  We therefore expect students to work hard and be diligent and listen to the advice of their PAM or subject teacher. They must complete all work set either in class or for homework, as well as attend any additional sessions, when required.  It is students responsibility to discuss any academic issues with their teachers and to ask questions when they do not understand or seek further assistance when needed.

Students are also expected to read about their subjects beyond the set texts.  Wider reading is valuable when it comes to applying for universities.


Sixth Form Dress Code


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