Covid Response - St Mary's and St John's CE School

Covid Response

2020 has presented many challenges to all schools in responding to the Coronavirus pandemic and maintaining effective education for our children.

SMSJ has adapted to rapidly to ensure that the high quality education our students enjoy could continue in response to a constantly changing national landscape. 

In this area of our website you will find a range of information and resources which is supporting our school community in order for learning to continue in a way in which our children remain safe.

Staff welfare and wellbeing is also a major consideration and the resources have been developed with this at the forefront of our thinking.

Please use the links below to view key information about the school's Covid-19 response as well as helpful tips and links.

For further advice and guidance to help parents and carers to keep children safe online during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak please click here and refer to the Government website.


We recognise that remote settings vary significantly in context. This may mean that what works well with one type of student may not be suitable for other students. However, the principles below apply in many contexts, and some approaches have worked well with a wide variety of our students.

The period since March 2020 has been one of great innovation in remote education at SMSJ.  We have developed an approach which we continue to develop, test and refine. We have also learnt from experience and innovated.  Responding to parent, student and staff feedback will continue to inform and improve our provision.

Despite the challenges, remote education has made a significant contribution to enabling our students to continue to learn and progress, and to mitigate any widening of the attainment gap for the disadvantaged.

Where a class, group or small number of our students need to self-isolate, or local restrictions require our students to remain at home, we have the capacity to offer immediate remote education. This expectations guide for remote education provides clarity about what is to be taught and learned through our spiralling curriculum.


For clarity, we have made the following distinctions;

• Remote Learning: Students accessing structured Learning away from the school

• Live Lessons: Students accessing lessons where the teacher will be present online

• Independent/Distance Learning: Students accessing lessons/learning activities independently away from the school

Remote Learning Expectations 

Live Lesson Rules

Student Guide - How to join a Live Lesson and OneNoteHow to log into your Office 365 Account


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