GCSE Results - July 2021

Posted on: 12th Aug 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

We write to you once again to share the attainment of another exceptional cohort of SMSJ students. Each of our ‘Ruby’ year group is so unique but now all have more in common than any of them ever imagined. 

Change is difficult to comprehend at the best of times, even with prior warning, and they have endured an unprecedented global challenge. The way they have adapted and managed a unique set of circumstances has been admirable. They have remained calm, mature and receptive despite huge uncertainty.

The table of GCSE results below, clearly demonstrates our shared belief that;

‘…with God, all things are possible’

Our students will know that we are all so proud of the resilient, young adults that they have become. We are confident that they will continue to grow in Wisdom as decent human beings who will strive to be the best they can be, Serving communities by giving a voice to those not heard and providing Hope for a future which is inclusive, understanding and filled with joy.

They are an inspiring group of young people and we sincerely hope that despite the challenges of life, however hard they may seem at the time, they all grow stronger, moulding into the type of people we need and that they want to be.

We have this prayer for our ‘Ruby’ year group;

Be full of grace and complete forgiveness.

Walk forward as you enter into a new dawn, a fresh start, and a new freedom,

confident in what you have learnt at SMSJ preparing you to move on and make a positive difference.

Find your vision and hope, secure in the faith that you have each the potential of greatness and will write a new story on a fresh page of your life.

We would also like to thank you all for your kind words of support for our staff throughout this period and we wish you all an enjoyable summer with family and loved ones.

Martin Serrão                                                                       Sarah Pittaway

Principal                                                                           Head of Secondary

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