Curriculum Vision and Principles


‘...with God, all things are possible’ (Matthew 19:26)

The nature and scope of our curriculum is firmly rooted in our vision, ‘ With God, all things are possible’. (Matthew 19:26). We seek to provide our students with the breadth and depth of learning opportunities necessary for them to have a future brimming with possibilities. 

The outworking of our vision within our curriculum model is achieved by our focus on our three school values.

Wisdom: Our curriculum is knowledge rich and academically rigorous. It endeavours to provide a high quality learning experience through an educationally stimulating, supportive and safe environment. We prioritise equipping our students with the skills to make wise decisions and seek truth.Our all-through curriculum places an emphasis on literacy, numeracy, oracy and creativity and has a sustained focus on spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. 

Service: The curriculum focuses on helping students explore their vocation in a global society. A topical, highly relevant curriculum seeks to help students develop an awareness of how they can serve their local and global communities in the future.

Hope: Through the curriculum students are motivated and enthused to become high achievers with hope filled futures.  The curriculum enables students to have an understanding of hope that is not just about their personal ambition but is centered on them contributing positively to the common good. 


  • An engaging and  flexible all-through curriculum, with a balanced focus on knowledge and skills,  allowing students to follow their talent and interests as well as providing extra support and challenge.
  • An inclusive school, with a personalised curriculum to meet the needs of all our students.  
  • High expectations at all times and a belief that all students can meet those expectations.
  • Excellent teaching delivered by teachers with a deep knowledge of their subject.
  • A strong focus on academic achievement and qualifications, enabling students to discover their vocation in the global community. 
  • An emphasis on the development of Oracy and Articulacy across all areas of the curriculum, with a strong focus on Performing Arts. 
  • An opportunity for all to develop key skills of teamwork, leadership, listening, presenting, creativity and problem-solving across the curriculum.
  • A large and vibrant extracurricular offer which provides a huge range of opportunities developing the character and personal well-being of students.
  • The use of the latest technologies as teaching tools to enhance the learning experience for the student both at school and when they are learning at home.
  • A  commitment to work in partnership with all our stakeholders, especially with our parents/carers to deepen our students’ engagement in learning. 
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