Our Governors

The Board of Governors consists of 12 members, 7 Foundation Governors (appointed by various religious bodies) and 5 others.  There are currently 3 vacancies.  The dates in the list below are the dates when each governor's term of office expires.  No relevant interests other than those noted against names below have been declared.

Ms. Shelley Shah
Joint Chair of Board of Governors
LDBS appointee - 01.09.2020
Revd Dr. Julia Candy
Joint chair of Board of Governors 
Vicar St John's - Ex Officio
Ms. Michelle Dale
Chair of Staffing Committee
Parent - staff member at SMSJ - 01.01.2022
Vacancy West Barnet Deanery – Parent
Vacancy St Mary's and Christchurch incumbent 
vacancy St John's PCC
Vacancy LDBS
Other Governors
Ms. Syma Kadri Vice Chair, Board of Governors - Elected parent - 31.03.21
Mr. Amar Davda Elected parent – 19.02.2022
Ms. Grace Jenkins Elected staff – 19.02.2022
Mr. Martin Serrão Principal - ex officio
Mr. Joel Davidson Local Authority appointee - 10.07.18 - 10.07.22


The Board will meet 6 times in the 2018/2019 year, with additional meetings as necessary.  There will be no Committee meetings with the exception of on Pay Committee and two Admissions Committees.

 SMSJ Governors - Committee Membership @ 16th October 2018  

Pay Committee

Revd Dr. Julia Candy
Ms. Shelley Shah
Mr. Amar Davda


To be appointed from all available governors plus Zsofia Chothe-Foldesi, School Admissions Officer who has been appointed as an associate governor for this committee only.

Responsible Governors

Worship - Revd Dr. Julia Candy
SEN - Ms. Syma Kadri
Safeguarding - Ms. Shelley Shah
GDPR - Mr. Amar Davda
Pastoral - Revd Dr. Julia Candy
Early Years - Ms. Michelle Dale

Principal's Performance Review and monitoring - Ms. Shelley Shah and Revd Dr. Julia Candy

Pupil Discipline, Pay review and Staff Discipline committees – to be appointed from all available governors as necessary.   

Board and Committee attendance 2017-18
(Governors are members of the Committees mentioned against their names)

Satbinder Kooner 6/7 Board, 2/3 Staffing
Shelley Shah 3/4 Board, 2/3 Finance
Fr Gwyn 5/7 Board,  2/3 Staffing,  2/4 Achievement & standards
Michelle Dale 7/7 Board, 3/3 Staffing, 2/2 Admissions, 4/4 Achievement & Standards
Eliza Franklin 6/7 Board, 3/3 Finance, 2/3 Achievement & Standards, 2/2 Admissions
Julia Candy 6/7 Board, 2/3 Staffing
Syma Kadri 3/7 Board, 2/3 Finance
Amar Davda 4/4 Board, 1/2 Finance
Grace Jenkins 4/4 Board, 1/1 Achievement & Standards
Martin Serrão 1/1 Board, 1/1 Finance, 1/1 Staffing, 1/1 Achievement & Standards
Joel Davidson 1/1 Board
Nicci Charlemagne (office expired Dec 2017) 3/3 Board, 2/3 Achievement & Standards
Lynsey Corkill (office expired Dec 2017) 2/3 Board, 3/3 Achievement & Standards
Marika Farrugia (Acting Principal until July 2018) 5/5 Board, 2/2 Finance, 2/2 Staffing, 3/3 Achievement & Standards, 1/2 Admissions
Amanda Phillips (Associate for Admissions only) 2/2 Admissions

J.M. Ridd
SMSJ Clerk to the Governors


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