Our Governors - St Mary's and St John's CE School

Our Governors

The Board of Governors consists of 12 members, 7 Foundation Governors (appointed by various religious bodies) and 5 others.  There are currently 2 vacancies.  No relevant interests other than those noted against names below have been declared.

Ms. Shelley Shah
Chair of Board of Governors

LDBS appointee - 19.09.2024


REVD JULIE GITTOES St Mary's and Christchurch Incumbent
Ms. Michelle Dale
Chair of Staffing Committee
St. Mary's PCC - Parent - Staff member at SMSJ - 01.01.2022
Ms Angela oldroyd St John's PCC - Parent member at SMSJ - 01.08.2023
vacancy West Barnet Deanery
Vacancy LDBS
Other Governors
Ms. Syma Kadri Vice Chair, Board of Governors - Elected parent - 26.03.2021
Mr. Amar Davda Elected parent – 19.02.2022
Mr SImon benson Local Authority appointee - 08.07.2024
Mr Martin Serrão Principal - Ex Officio
Ms Lindsey gudgeon Staff Governor - 01.11.2023
Other Governors
Ms Lulla Orphanou Associate Governor - 03.12.2023

The Board will meet 4 times in the 2019/2020 year, with additional meetings as necessary.  There will be one Pay Committee and two Admissions Committees.

 SMSJ Governors - Committee Membership @ 3rd December 2020

Finance and Staffing - Shelley Shah, Syma Kadri, Amar Davda, Simon Benson

Pay - 3 Governors from Finance and Premises Committee

Curriculum and Welfare - all Governors invited

Admissions - To be appointed from all available Governors, plus Jaimini Parmar, school Admissions officer, who has been appointed as an associate Governor for this committee only

Responsible Governors

Staff Welfare - Revd Julie Gittoes

SEN - Ms. Syma Kadri

Safeguarding - Ms. Shelley Shah

GDPR - Mr. Amar Davda

Pastoral -

Early Years - Ms. Michelle Dale

Finance - Vacancy

Principal's Performance Review and monitoring - Ms. Shelley Shah 

Pupil Discipline, Pay review and Staff Discipline committees – to be appointed from all available governors as necessary.   

To contact our chair of Governors please email: chairofgovernors@smsj.london 

Board and Committee attendance 2018-19
(Governors are members of the Committees mentioned against their names)

Shelley Shah 6/6 Board, 2/2 Finance
Michelle Dale 5/6 Board, 1/1 Finance, 2/2 Admissions
Julia Candy 6/6 Board,  1/1 Finance
Julie Gittoes (from 1st July 2019) 1/1 Board, 1/1 Finance
Syma Kadri 6/6 Board, 1/1 Finance
Amar Davda 5/4 Board
Grace Jenkins 4/4 Board, 1/1 Achievement & Standards
Martin Serrão 6/6 Board, 2/2 Finance
Joel Davidson 0/6 Board
Eliza Franklin (retired 30th April 2019) 4/4 Board, 1/1 Finance, 2/2 Admissions
Zsofia Chothe-Foldesi (Associate for Admissions only) 2/2 Admissions

J.M. Ridd
SMSJ Clerk to the Governors


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