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Our Vision

“Everything is possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

St Mary’s and St John’s CE School is a Christian centre of academic excellence. All of the work that we do is founded on our belief that with God all things are possible. Our work is rooted in Christian values; which we aim to both live and teach. Strengthened by these values we strive to nurture and inspire young people, enabling them to excel, develop as individuals and members of a community and be prepared for successful adult life.

SMSJ aims to deliver a breadth and depth of exciting, meaningful, and creative learning experiences. We aim to give our young people the skills, knowledge and love of learning needed to be curious, independent thinkers and responsible citizens in today’s world.

Our foundation:

SMSJ values its long-standing service to the community. Our strong foundation has enabled us to grow into the thriving, multi-faith, high-attaining school we are today, providing excellence in teaching and learning for the children of Hendon and beyond.  We welcome young people of all faiths into our school community.

Our Christian ethos:

In everything that we do we are guided by our vision that “Everything is possible.”  (Matthew 19:26) We believe that with God all things are made possible and therefore to ensure our students achieve their potential and face a future of limitless possibility we are guided by our motto:



Nurture: At SMSJ we strive to nurture each individual student; valuing and developing their skills and talents.

Inspire: At SMSJ we seek to inspire each student to become a confident, inquiring young person who recognises their responsibility to love and care for one another.

Excel: At SMSJ we aim to develop young people capable of excelling in life.

Christian Values:

Our Christian values of faith, hope and love underpin both our motto and vision.

Love means we hold constantly in our minds the belief that we are all uniquely made in the image of God. We strive to nurture each student as a unique individual.

Faith links to our unwavering determination to inspire our students to be confident, inspiring young people who love and care for one another. Nourished by our own faith we aim to build up our young people to have faith in themselves, faith in God and be faithful in their service to others.

Hope links to our belief that God sent his son in order that we may have hope. We desire to nurture young people who can excel in life.