Business and Enterprise

SMSJ has chosen Business and Enterprise as one of our specialisms. This is because we believe that is part of our role to ensure that our students are prepared for life beyond school, and are adequately skilled to compete both in the workplace and institutes of higher education.

The Business and Enterprise curriculum focuses on developing and nurturing essential skills through the delivery of three projects each academic year. Our current year 7 students have been challenged to design a website to promote reading and books within the school, and will move on to devising and launching a 'big event' in school. Projects such as these help increase their knowledge of the business world - market research, advertising and operational organisation for example - but more importantly develop vital personal skills such as teamwork, communication, self-confidence and risk taking.
Our approach to Business and Enterprise also means that it will feature in other parts of our curriculum; a maths lesson may well focus on financial literacy whilst a food technology lesson could include creating, marketing and measuring the success of an SMSJ smoothie. We also expect our students to take part in extracurricular entrepreneurship, helping to run school events, supporting our local community through charitable fundraising and participating in visits to local businesses.

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