Meet the Lower School Council

In the Lower School we held elections and pupils had the opportunity to vote for pupils' to be on the our School Council. Meet our 2016-2017 School Council below:


  • Ruchi  - Hi my name is Ruchi.  I am in Wonderland 2 and I have been chosen for the School Council because I am sensible and I listen to people. 
  • Erika - My name is Erika and I am in Fantastic Foxes 3 class.  I have been chosen because I am a positive role model.
  • Olive - Hi, my name is Olive and I wanted to represent Firebird 4 on the School Council.  My class thought I would do a good job and voted for me because I listen to other people and I am good at explaining ideas.
  • Krish - Hi, my name is Krish and I represent Gingerbread 4.  I am the School Council rep because I told my class I am going to make sure learning is fun.
  • Jonathon - My name is Jonathon. I am in Oompah Loompah 3 and I am on the student council because I am very helpful and sensible.
  • Jazziah - Hello my name is Jazziah.  I am in Narnia 3 class and have been elected on the council because I am good at public speaking.
  • Victoria - I am Victoria and I am in Brothers Grimm 4.  I wanted to be the School Council member because I am sensible and I am good at including everyone.  
  • Zain  My name is Zain and I am in Finn McCool 2 .  I am on the School Council because the class voted for me and I will help them to make school nice.