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Pastoral Care

At SMSJ, we know that our pupils thrive in a nurturing environment. Our strong pastoral care system supports pupils as individuals, enabling them to progress not only in their studies but also as well-rounded individuals. We place great emphasis on rights and responsibilities within an ethos of mutual respect. Pupils are rewarded greatly for positive contributions and know that there are consequences to their actions.

Pupils at Bennett House in Years 7 and 8 are in a Pastoral & Academic Mentoring group. Groups are seen twice a day, every morning and afternoon by their mentor who is the first point of contact for questions, concerns and support. The Pastoral Academic Mentor (‘PAM’ for short) has the responsibility of setting the tone for learning every morning and afternoon, leading the themed ‘pause for thought’ in the morning and for mentoring their group. Mentoring is timetabled and allows PAMs to develop an understanding of individuals’ needs, their strengths and areas for development, both pastorally and academically. Pupils record targets and progress in their planners.

All pupils in Years 7 & 8 have a pupil planner. This is a crucial piece of equipment which is brought to school every day. It contains important information as well as the place to record homework and the first point of contact between teachers and parents.

Bennett House has four houses which reflect famous Barnet residents as well as our specialism in the Performing Arts: Fonteyn, Elgar, Livingstone and Dickens. In these houses pupils complete for house points in sporting and charity events as well as for academic progress, good work, behaviour, and attendance and punctuality.  It is from these houses that the School council will be elected through an election process. This enables pupils to understand the importance of voting, writing a manifesto and presenting skills as well as developing their team work skills and building a community spirit.

Transition to Secondary school can be an anxious time for parents and pupils. We have developed a transition package which enables pupils and parents to understand what it means to transfer into Year 7 and to support this process. This includes a Secondary transition day, meetings and settling in evenings for parents, a collapsed curriculum for the start of the term and a whole year trip in October to allow them to get to know each other better away from the demands of the curriculum and building skills in teamwork, confidence, resilience and self esteem.

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