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Pastoral Care

“The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development, behaviour and welfare is strong. The school’s values underpin pupils’ positive attitudes to learning.” OFSTED 2017

“Pupils are proud of their school, enjoy their learning and are keen to do their very best.” OFSTED 2017

At SMSJ we have the highest expectations of our students and give them the best personalised pastoral care for their own circumstance. We believe ‘everything is possible’ and catering for the individual is the best way of doing this.

We have firm belief in educating the ‘whole person’ and give students ample opportunities to have character building experiences through team-building days, trips and a wide range of visitors.

Students see their Pastoral and Academic mentor (PAM) twice-a-day for morning and afternoon registration. PAMs look after students’ academic progress strategically as well as their individual needs on a daily basis. Throughout the year, every PAM will present their own assembly during collective worship and PAM groups also complete daily acts of worship.

We have a wide range of internal pastoral intervention and have extensive links with a range of outside agencies. We have a Learning Mentor- Mrs Castagano and a Behaviour Mentor- Mr Rahman who are on-hand to provide support to students learning on a daily basis.


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