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Religious Education

We are a Voluntary Aided school with an Anglican Foundation.

Daily acts of worship are predominantly Christian in content.

Our RE curriculum teaches the children about all major world faiths including Christianity and includes visits to places of worship of a number of faiths. 

It is important that our children learn about the multi-faith world in which they live so that they can understand and respect their own faith and that of others.

Sometimes RE will be taught as a separate lesson and at other times it will be part of cross-curricular work within the class. 

As a Church of England school there are regular Christian assemblies and festivals, both in school and in the Church, which all children are expected to attend. 

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from all or part of religious education and collective worship. If this were to be the case, it may be advisable for parents to consider if a faith school is a suitable choice for their child.  The Headteacher would be more than happy to discuss this with parents.