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Our Staff - 2016-2017


Mr Matthew Glenn


Vice Principal

Ms Marrika Farrugia


Assistant Principal Head of Lower School (Neale House)

Mrs Paula Treadaway 

Assistant Principal Head of Middle School (Bennett House)

Mr Simon Payne


Assistant Principal

Miss Dawn Wildman


Special Education Needs Coordinator

Mrs Charlotte Weatherly

Mr Matthew Pereira


School Business Manager

Mrs Seb Giacone


Director of Computing and IT Strategy

Mr Calvin Robinson


Site Managers

Mr Colin Moss and Mr Robert Marshall


Lower School Teaching Staff

Staff Name


Miss L Barmes

Lower School MFL Subject lead; Primary Teacher – Gingerbread 4

Mrs S Ciullo

Primary teacher - Neverland 1 (returning from maternity leave, December 2016)

Mrs S Cohen

Lower School DT Subject lead; EYFS Teacher – Reception Castle

Miss L Corkill

EYFS Leader; EYFS Teacher – Reception Bears

Miss H Ennos

Lower School RE Subject lead; Primary Teacher – Narnia 3

Miss D Frade

Primary Teacher – Neverland 1 (Term 1)

Mrs L Gillam

Inclusion Leader

Mr M Glenn


Miss V Hennessy

Computing Curriculum Primary subject lead; EYFS Teacher – Reception Magic

Miss R Hicks

Lower School Art Subject co-lead; Primary Teacher Beanstalk 1

Ms K Joy

Associate Member of SLT

Miss A Manley

Healthy School & Travel Plan Primary lead, PPA cover teacher

Miss V Massey

Literacy subject lead/Lower KS2 Phase leader ; Primary Teacher – Oompa Loompa 3

Ms G Mincher

PPA Cover teacher

Mrs L Novelli

KS1 Phase Leader; Primary Teacher – Genie 2

Mr J O'Brien

Lower School RE Subject co-lead; Primary Teacher – Firebird 4

Miss F O'Reilly

Lower School History Subject co-lead; Primary Teacher – Finn McCool 2

Miss H Rolfe

EYFS & KS1 Geography Subject lead; EYFS Teacher – Nursery Dragons AM & PM

Mrs V Satchwell

EYFS Phase Leader; EYFS  Teacher – Reception Castle

Mrs K Segal

Primary History Subject lead - Primary teacher - Wonderland 2

Mr J Sibley

Primary Teacher – Fantastic Foxes 3

Mrs T Styman

Science Primary subject lead; Primary Teacher – Brothers Grimm 4

Mrs P Summers

T&L release, EAL support

Miss I Toth

EYFS Teacher

Mrs P Treadaway

Assistant Principal - Head of Lower School

Mrs C Weatherly


Miss D Wildman

Assistant Principal:Community; Maths Lead

Miss S Xenophonotos

Music Primary subject lead; Primary Teacher – Pumpkin 1


Lower School Support Staff

Staff Name


Mrs K Bodger

Year 2 LSA

Ms A Brewster

Reception LSA

Mrs A Castagno

Learning Mentor

Mrs J Crowley

Cover supervisor; Year 4 LSA

Mrs S De Almeida

Year 2 LSA

Ms A Gardiner

Nursery Assistant; LSA motor skills

Mrs N Gajjar

Year 3 LSA

Mrs N Goswami

Year 2 LSA p/t

Mrs Z Haranlli

Year 4 LSA

Ms A Hyskaj

Year 2 LSA p/t

Ms E Howle

Year 4 LSA p/t

Mrs S Houshmand

Nursery Practitioner

Mrs A Kadri

Early Years Practitioner

Miss P Kerai

Year 4 LSA

Mrs V Kuverji

Year 2 LSA

Mrs D Nirmal

Year 4 LSA

Mrs P Patel

Reception LSA

Mrs R Pathani

Reception LSA

Mrs R Ratna

Year 1 LSA

Mr B Rowe

Year 1 LSA

Mrs D Youngsam

Year 1 LSA

Mrs J Singhrai

Nursery LSA p/t

Miss B Smith

Cover supervisor; Year 2 LSA

Lower School Administration Staff

Staff Name


Mr D Chauhan

IT Technician

Mrs  A Gancarczyk

Welfare Assistant

Mrs R Hutchings

Administrative Officer/Cover

Mrs K Katsaras

Administrative Officer

Mr C Moss

Premises Manager

Lower School Lunch Staff

Staff Name


Mrs  A Chauguley

Meal Time Supervisor

Mrs N Goswami

Cover Meal Time Supervisor

Mrs M Grealish

Meal Time Supervisor

Mrs F Hask

Meal Time Supervisor

Mrs L Kara

Meal Time Supervisor

Mrs D Kuch

Meal Time Supervisor

Ms E Maxamud

Meal Time Supervisor

Mrs C MacKellar

Meal Time Supervisor

Mrs M Mesgarnia

Meal Time Supervisor

Mrs B Patel

Meal Time Supervisor & Breakfast Club

Ms S Pun

Meal Time Supervisor

Ms M Richards

Meal Time Supervisor & Breakfast club

Ms N Sedki el Yedri

Cover Meal Time Supervisor

Mrs M Stefancia

Meal Time Supervisor and Walking Bus

Mrs S Varsani

Meal Time Supervisor and Walking Bus

Ms P Yu

Meal Time Supervisor

Middle School Teaching Staff

Staff Name


Ms S Akdogan

Science Teacher; 9D PAM

Miss M Averignos

MFL Teacher; 7E PAM

Mrs I Barrett

Head of Maths; 8E PAM

Miss S Biggerstaff

Maths Teacher i/c STEAM

Miss M Coulson

Head of Geography; 8D PAM

Mr D Crush

PE & Dance KS2 subject lead; Primary Teacher – Icarus 5

Mr I Dalziel

Geography subject lead for KS2, Primary Teacher -  Stormbreaker 6

Mr J Davite

Head of Year 8 & 9

Ms M Farrugia

Vice Principal

Miss C Fearnley

Head of Performing Arts; 9F PAM

Miss V Ford

Leader Upper KS2 i/c T&L Primary; Primary Teacher  - Musketeers 6

Mr B Franklin

Primary Teacher -  Musketeers 6

Mr P Freeley

Maths Teacher

Miss S Fubara

PE & Dance; 7D PAM

Mr M Glenn


Miss L Gudgeon

PE & Dance Teacher

Mr D Job

Science Teacher

Miss L MacLeod

Primary Teacher – Wizard 5

Mrs H Mason

Head of RS i/c whole school worship; 7F PAM

Mr A McHugh

Lead Teacher of PE; 7L PAM

Mr F McManemin

Music Teacher

Mrs E Morris

Acting Subject Leader, MFL; 7F PAM

Miss  M Pavlides

Head of English; 8F PAM

Mr S Payne

Assistant Principal; Head of Middle School

Mr M Pereira


Miss R Rees

English Teacher; 7D PAM

Miss A Roper

Art Teacher

Ms M Sakande

Support group intervention teacher

Mrs K Shurkin

Head of Year 7

Mrs C Turbett

Head of History i/c Secondary T&L; 9L PAM

Miss L Valcarenghi

English Teacher

Miss P Wimberley

Subject Leader, D&T & Art; 8L PAM

Miss S Wright

Head of Science; 9L PAM

Middle School Support Staff

Staff Name


Mrs B Aliu

Year 5 LSA

Mrs A Castagno

Learning Mentor

Mrs L Clifford

Year 6 LSA

Mrs M Dale

Years 8 & 9 LSA; B&E lead

Mrs S Ehyaii

Year 7 LSA; Science technician

Miss J Martins

Year 9 LSA

Miss A Marshall

Year 7-9 LSA

Mrs L Mulcahy

Year 7&8 LSA

Ms L Nair

LSA; admin assistant

Mrs S Rahman

Intervention Year 5&6 LSA

Ms N Pyrkos

CAF coordinator p/t

Mr D Saxby

Cover Supervisor

Middle School Administration Staff

Staff Name


Mrs L Birrell

PA to SLT/Administrative Officer

Mrs S Giacone

School Business Manager

Mrs C Goulding

Administrative Officer

Mr B Marshall

Site Supervisor

Mrs A Mirpuri


Mrs J Parmar

Office Manager

Mrs A Phillips

Admissions Officer

Mrs S Primorac

Administrative Officer

Miss R Ramos

Apprentice Administrative Officer

Mr J Sandow

Data Manager

Mrs M Wedgeworth

Welfare Officer/Walking Bus co-ordinator 

Middle School Lunch Staff

Staff Name


Ms Y Nagumo

Meal Time Supervisor & Walking bus

Ms L Nair

Meal Time Supervisor & Breakfast club

Mrs Y Penfold

Meal Time Supervisor

Ms Y Tan

Meal Time Supervisor


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